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Statistics Canada's Survey of Household Spending

Household expenditures


You can now access Survey of Household Spending data free of charge through the CANSIM database.

It is available on CANSIM tables: 203-0001..203-0029

Please note that with the 2010 release the data available through CANSIM has been severely limited in detail.

You can request more detailed tables from Statistics Canada for no additional charge.  Use the contact information at the bottom of The Daily release.

Unfortunately, even these more detailed tables do not include data on the % of households reporting a purchase.  If you require this information you will need to use data from releases prior to 2010.  The older CANSIM tables have been linked above for your convenience.

The survey for 2010 was revised so it cannot be used in comparison with previous years.  It can however be compared with the latest 2012 data.

Since the standard tables are now available free of charge on request, we are no longer distributing them. 

We are still however providing custom research services to help you get the most out of SHS data.  This includes local market estimates.

Get the most out of SHS with our GDSourcing Household Spending Market Share Reports